Thursday, June 16, 2011


      After about a week in Italy, we have arrived in Greece, and believe it or not, I am enjoying it way more than Florence, Rome, or even Cinque Terre. From the transportation, to the food, to the people I've met, Greece is surpassing Italy in every category. While we road subways and trains in Italy, we have only ridden private buses here.  I like them because 1) they are more quiet/less crowded, 2) we can watch the Lizzie McGuire Movie on them and sing along with no shame, and 3) we each have our own row of seats to sprawl out on. Another big difference is the hotel. Though I've yet to stop saturating my sheets in anti-bedbug spray at night, here, it's only a precaution. In Italy, bedbug bites could be found on many of my friends every morning. Gross, right? The shopkeepers here are nice and friendly, and pretty willing to bargain which is always a plus. On top of all of that, Greek food has proven to be amazing. Their vegetables are really fresh and everything is extremely flavorful. This morning's breakfast of Greek yogurt with honey was the best.
      Our time here has been pretty eventful. It all started with the lunar eclipse last night. The bright red moon surrounded by tons and tons of stars made for some really cool pictures. Today, we went to the Oracle where we toured a museum and explored some ancient ruins. We also got to do some shopping where I got a really cute ring for my mom and I to share. Tonight is my friend Abby's sixteenth birthday, so we had a toga party on the roof of our hotel. We had cake, watched Mama Mia, and enjoyed the view of the "navel of the world,"as Delphi is nicknamed. Tomorrow, we leave for Athens, and if it's anything like Delphi, I know I will have a good time.

The lunar eclipse
Happy birthday, Abby! 
Our beautiful view! 

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