Tuesday, June 21, 2011


            Napfleo is so much fun! It’s MUCH quieter than Athens, and our group is happy about it! Today, we had a pretty relaxing day and went to the beach. Wait. I take that back. Before the beach, we climbed 999 steps up a mountain (ok, hill) to the castle Palamidi. Working my legs until they shake in the heat of the summer is not exactly what I would call relaxing. The breathtaking views made it all worthwhile, though. My friend Holly and I walked around the castle and explored it’s deserted jail cells and rooms. It was unfurnished other than a few dusty, wooden beds. We also ventured out of the castle grounds to a small coffee stand where a local man was selling trinkets and snacks. After unsuccessfully searching his knick-knacks for a gift for my brother, I ordered a glass of orange juice, and I loved it! Unlike most places where OJ is advertised as fresh-squeezed but comes straight out of a Tropicana carton, this stand sold juice extracted from locally grown oranges. The man took six brightly colored oranges, cut them in half, and squeezed them right into my juice glass. It was filled with pulp, very flavorful, and the perfect thirst quencher after the climb.
 Later in the day, we headed to Pebble Beach and enjoyed the sun and cold water. I am proud to say that I did not get burned! While we were there, I tried to do some of my summer reading assignment and read Jane Eyre, but I got bored after less than a paragraph and took a nap under a big sun umbrella that David, one of our leaders, generously treated all of us pale people to in order to prevent sunburns.
After the beach, we shopped around for a while, ate dinner, and went back to the hotel.  After enjoying some movie watching with Caroline and Erin, my current roommates, I am about to go to bed. In the morning, we will take a ferry to hydra, and I am extremely excited to see the beautiful island, ride a donkey, and go cliff diving! 

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