Friday, June 10, 2011

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Finally, after hours upon hours of traveling, we are in Florence. It took two planes, two trains, a cab (just for the luggage-we were on foot) and a lot of walking, but it is definitely going to be worth it. When we arrived at the airport, we met Carolyn and David, our group leaders. They are both from the United States but speak Italian so they can communicate with the Iocals for us, which is a real perk. I think we will have a lot of fun with them. We also met Mossimo, another leader who will help us with photography. He is from Italy so I’m hoping he’ll be able to show us some things that we might not have known about otherwise. All the leaders have a lot of background in photography so I know I will be learning a ton! We just went out for gelato, which was completely delicious, and now we are back at the hostel for an early night. There has been talk of cooking classes, cliff jumping, and other endeavors later in the week so I know I’ll want my rest!

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