Friday, June 15, 2012


I can't believe I forgot to make a post on our day of hummingbird watching!! Some people got up early to go to the hummingbird sanctuary, but I decided to sleep in and go later... from what I've heard, I still got to see everything that everyone else saw. That included over ten species of hummingbirds and a tucan!! They were so pretty! Afterwards, we split into groups to go to lunch. I was with Haley, Michael and Sarah Jane and Clara. We all got rice and milkshakes... delicious and healthy! Later, we took shots around town of the culture of Ecuador. My favorite part of the assignment was when I met the owners of a special needs school. I got to go inside and meet some of the children. It was great to see how well they were cared for! They were so sweet also! Later, we went to chocolarte, where we got to see the chocolate making process. Then, we ate the chocolate with fruit. I only ate the fruit but it was AMAZING because we hadn't had fresh fruit in a while. Full from dessert, we headed to dinner. I wasn't too hungry by then but it was still good! It was a really busy day but so so much fun, as usual! 

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