Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mama, I'm Coming Home

Since my last post, a lot has happened. I am finally home, but I will go ahead and fill you in on the rest of the trip anyways. On our last day in the Galapagos, we went to the Darwin Research Center where we became some of the last people to see the iconic tortoise, Lonesome George. We were all confused by his stillness and stooping head when we saw him, but it wasn't until dinner that we found out that he had died and probably wasn't alive when we saw him. It was so strange to hear that the tortoise that had already lived at least a hundred years and who was expected to have just as much life ahead of him died on the same day that we saw him. Before dinner though, we worked up an appetite by playing at the beach for hours. On the way there, I walked with Madelene Hamilton. She fell on the way there and then we bumped heads so it was kind of a rough hike but we had fun singing Alabama Shakes' "Hold On" and Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zero's "Home" (hence the title of my post). For dinner that night, we had my favorite meal on the trip: slipper lobster with coconut sauce. We were at a street restaurant that Julian recommended. It was great! After dinner, we came home for our last night on the island. After that, the trip is a blur. We went to Quito for a night where we ate the much dreaded Guinea Pig. I completely blame the delicacy for making me sick on the entire plane ride home. Although the flight was rough, I savored the last few hours I had with the group. I have loved getting to know everyone! Overall, the trip was a huge success, thanks to people like Ms. Bottoms, Taylor, Sam, Nikki, Livio, Massimo, and Julian. I hope that someday I get to go back to one of the many places I got to see! 

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